Grass Blocks

Code Width Length Height
GR101 500 500 115
GR102 500 500 115


Grass blocks are used extensively overseas, and are now finding acceptance in South Africa. Grass blocks are used on drive ways and large public areas where an ugly expanse of tarmac or cement is not wanted.

Grass blocks are constructed so that earth is placed between concrete squares in the block – these squares are then planted with grass. When the grass has grown it can be mowed like ordinary garden lawn (and actually resembles an ordinary lawn) – thus giving the driveway or parking lot a natural appearance. However the robust construction of the Grass Block ensures that vehicles including heavy trucks can safely use the space provided.

Details for laying
  1. The sub-base must be excavated to approx. 120mm below final level, and finished off to approx. 10 mm tolerance.
  2. Compact the area by means of hand roller or rammer to a uniform density at a workable moisture content.
  3. Spread coarse sand to depth of approx. 20 mm by means of screed on this area.
  4. The blocks are firmly bedded in this sand to the level required. No jointing material required. The surface must conform to a tolerance of 15mm maximum on a 3 meter straight edge.
  5. The voids in the blocks are then to be filled with a good quality top soil as growth is of utmost importance. A light fertiliser dressing is essential.
  6. Grass can be sown or planted.
  7. Care must be taken to ensure that the final level of the soil is 20 mm below surface of block.
  8. Sub-base preparation using stabilising agents such a cement or lime is less desirable than natural gravels or soils of suitable quality.
  9. Soil required to fill is 0.023 m3 per sq. meter

Prices quoted are for retail. Please contact us for tenders and commercial purchases.